Maybe an update?

I wrote another post like five seconds ago, but I enjoyed writing it, so I thought I would write another. I haven’t blogged much lately. I started a new journal, so I’ve been writing in it a lot, and it feels redundant to put my thoughts into my journal only to rewrite them here. But I’m sad today, so here we are.

I don’t even know what this post is. An update? Sort of, I guess. I just want to spill my thoughts and do not intend to organize them very well. Maybe I have been journalling too much.

I’m falling behind on schoolwork even though I started the term ahead. I have been slacking on my readings, and the farther behind I get, the greater the urge to avoid. I am hoping to turn that around today, but we’ll see.

Oh, I started a ballet class last week. It’s just a beginner/ intermediate class at my university’s athletic centre, but it’s pretty cool. That’s actually a lie; last week sucked. It was way more difficult than expected, and trying to keep up left me tired and self-conscious. I could hardly move for 3 days afterwards. But I like ballet, and I would love to see my technique improve, so I will continue to go.

I have been really anxious about Donald Trump, so much so that I don’t really want to write about it. I also feel like a piece of shit for missing the Women’s March in my city.

That’s all I feel like writing right now. I am sorry about how shitty this post is, but not quite sorry enough to fix it.



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