My E-Mail to Bernie Sanders

Despite being Canadian, I am extremely interested in American politics. So during this past year, I have fallen in love with a man named Bernie Sanders. I fervently support all the incredible work he is doing. I have been meaning to write to the Senator to express my respect and gratitude towards him for a while. And tonight, I finally did it. So here it is, the e-mail I just sent to Senator Bernie Sanders.


Hi Senator Sanders,

I could spend weeks trying to craft a perfect e-mail, but then it might never get sent. So I decided to just sit down and write the things I want to tell you.
Firstly, I’ll briefly explain who I am. I am a Canadian University student who happens to be incredibly interested in politics, particularly American politics. I hope to one day work as a Public Policy Analyst. I am very interested in social policy, specifically.
Like many others, I first heard of you when you were running in the Democratic primaries. At first, I doubted anyone would overcome the money and power behind Hillary Clinton. And though we know how things ended, I was incredibly inspired to see you erase her 60 point lead and get so close while still remaining true to your values. And the more I learn about you, the more inspired I become.
This is essentially the purpose of this e-mail. I want you to know how much you inspire me.
At just twenty-two years old, I am already quite bitter and cynical. I look at the greed, corruption, and hatred present in the world, and I feel like this is humanity’s inherent state. I have felt especially discouraged since Donald Trump was elected President. Even as a Canadian, I am terrified. And I feel awful for all the people who will suffer under Trump’s leadership.
But learning about your decades-long record of fighting for the little guy at great personal and political sacrifice gives me so much hope. And seeing how many people are eager to join you in your fight against seemingly insurmountable obstacles reminds me that there are good people in the world.
I unfortunately suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, as well as several other mental health diagnoses. Hope is something I probably feel less often than most people, so I cannot overstate how much I appreciate you for giving me a reason to feel hopeful.
You have helped countless people through your work as an activist and as a politician. And for that, you have my utmost respect and appreciation. But I am contacting you because I want you to know that you are also helping people in ways you might not see. You are giving hope not just to a nation, but to the world, during an especially hopeless time. And that means everything.
Sir, I thank you for your incredible work, and wish you nothing but the best.
This is all I wanted to include in this post. I feel slightly uncomfortable vocalizing my political opinions on the internet, but I believe in this man so strongly that I will do so anyways. I will certainly update if I receive a response, but I’m sure the Senator is a very busy man who gets countless e-mails, so I am not expecting one.
I hope everyone is well, and I expect I will write again soon.

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