Feeling Low

Hey guys,

I am no longer high, but I am feeling kind of shitty. I attended my algebra lecture today for the first time in weeks, so I had to see my ex. The actual class wasn’t too bad. And I am honestly happy to not be with my ex-girlfriend anymore. But I do miss not being so alone.

I thought it would be a good idea to watch a YouTube video of a lesbian couple from Buzzfeed talking about their relationship. It took me like twenty minutes to realize that it might bum me out, and obviously the damage had been done by that point.

All the coffee in the world isn’t making me want to study, and I don’t really see the point. This isn’t fair. I’m eating. I’m waking up at 6 to take my meds at the right time. I’m going to the gym. I’m even being social as fuck. How much longer do I have to feel like this?



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