Still Miserable

It has now been 12 days since the breakup, and I am still as miserable as ever.

I usually feel pretty good in the mornings. Then I go to a few classes, and the depression begins to set in. I have Algebra with my ex, and I always leave that class in a bad state. In the evenings, I have been taking some cocktail of drugs to pass out and not feel anymore.

I miss my girlfriend so, so terribly. I basically only have one friend. I am incredibly hurt that somebody I loved would do this to me. I feel like a piece of shit for not being good enough for her.

I don’t enjoy my classes. I didn’t enjoy working this past Summer. I don’t get enjoyment from anything right now. Every day is just pain and doing things I don’t feel like doing. I want to die basically all of the time.

I am sorry that this post is so (literally) depressing, but I need to say these things with somebody.



2 thoughts on “Still Miserable

  1. I just wrote something about this…The other side of Heartbreak. Maybe it will help… but it’s something we all go through at some point. Time… just time.


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