Shittiest Day Ever

My girlfriend broke up with me. SHE broke up with ME. In the shittiest way imaginable. She is a piece of trash, the way she treated me. I am not okay. I want to die. My roommate’s boyfriend is babysitting me to make sure I don’t kill myself. I don’t remember the last time I felt this shitty, and my life already fucking sucks.

I can maybe write this in a way that makes sense later, but right now this is what I can produce. So fuck you too.


One thought on “Shittiest Day Ever

  1. Don’t let someone else’s actions dictate how you feel. It may hurt now, but eventually the pain subsides and there will be others out there. There is no need to die over someone leaving. It’s a part of life, people come and go, the ones that truly matter stay. You can make it through it.


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