Break-Up Part 3

What the hell? Let’s write another post. It’s not like I’m doing anything more productive with my time, anyways.

I am really struggling right now. When I initially decided to end my relationship, I felt numb, and I was counting on that numbness to continue until after I wrote my exam. But that is not what is happening. I am overwhelmed with how horribly depressed and lonely I feel. Every second is painfully long. I check my phone every five minutes, expecting Jenn to text me, but she hasn’t, and she won’t.

I find myself hating everyone and everything, I am disappointed with the direction my life has taken, and I don’t know how I am g0ing to survive this. In theory, things will get better, but how long will that take? And how will I make it until then? How will I make it until 7:30, when my exam is scheduled to begin?

I apologize for how depressing this post is. I just don’t know what to do with everything I am feeling, and writing in my journal feels useless, so I am posting here. I hope somebody out there reads this, if only so I can feel some sort of connection to anybody anywhere.

I know it’s “just a breakup”, and I will feel better eventually, but I am having a really fucking hard time right now.




One thought on “Break-Up Part 3

  1. You’re entitled to feel like shit. You just have to remember why you wanted to breakup to begin with. Stick to your guns. Don’t fold for fear of loneliness. Trust me it’s the worst thing you can do to yourself. Been there done that.


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