Update, and my Sad Dream

Hey guys,

I know that I haven’t been posting as much lately; I have been pretty busy with school and work. Both of those things are going really well, though.

Unfortunately, my eating has not been going well. This makes me not want to post, because anything I write would probably either by dishonest or triggering. It is quite possible, however, that things will turn around again soon, so there’s that.

That is about all that is happening in my life right now. Before I wrap this post up, I wanted to talk about a really sad dream I had last night.

I was somehow able to go back in time and talk to my three-year-old self. She was smiling and playing, as three-year-olds do. I went right up to her and said, “You have no idea that you’re going to develop Anorexia.” Of course she didn’t know what that word meant, so she just smiled at me and continued playing. I don’t remember feeling much of anything while having this dream, but thinking about it today, I am realizing how profoundly sad it was.

There was no moral to that story; I guess I just wanted to spread the misery around a little bit.

Anyways, I hope everybody is doing well.



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